For over 40 years
Ragnhild Monsen's
art has been exhibited,
commisioned and purchased.

Her work has been
described as 'monumental' (1)
and she herself described
as Norway's foremost
textile artist (2).

1. Dagbladet Newspaper 2. Sonja Sjolie,leader of the Norwegian Parliament's Culture Committee.


a short video of Ragnhild weaving

this tapestry is 3 meters x 3 meters
and is all hand woven
It is called
'The Diploid Factor'

Watch video

in depth data


Many videos

clicking on the link  below will take you to a selection of videos of some of Ragnhild's projects and information


Studios in Oslo and in Sweden

above one of the rooms of her weaving studios in Oslo
Ragnhild also has design studios in Sweden,rebuilt after fire destroyed the first studio


and she is a very productive artist

following the link below will take you to catalogues of her extensive work-or simply scroll down

click the mobile phone image
to see the large - and ongoing - icon series of textile art

many,but not all, of the works completed after 2000

most of the works from before 2000

a selection of  works in location

installations - usually for limited time periods,for example, for TV programs or beach projects


is usually best by email

a few press cuttings

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